Tuesday, April 17

..and the winner is...

hee-hee, I've always wanted to say that for some reason...

Now I'll focus finding on my notions (buttons, buckles..). I would have done a tortoise button if I'd have gone with a brown print, but I think now I'll go for red or silvertone, or even something pearly/marbly. They have to be just right. I'm NOT settling for any run of the mill JoAnn stuff this time.

I gotta give a HUGE !!THANKS!! to Patternreview and Nappturality members for voting in my little poll! I truly value your opinions/input/comments! And another plus is that I learned a few things about fabric selection. Awesome!


I've had to add a new item to the cutting table Vogue 8191. My littlest sis has her final formal in May so she commissioned me (w/o pay) to make her dress. Last year's dress was a semi-success, because it was my very first formal project, but I learned NOT to use the cheapest fabric I could find (some drunk buzzard stepped on her trail and ripped it!) I made Vogue 7521. Dont have a pic right now, but I'll post it when I get a hold of it.

She comes over for a fitting this weekend so I'll get some pics of the new dress then.

ciao for now!

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