Saturday, April 14

Red Trench - Vote Please!!!

Found my red trench fabric!

It's a red stretch cotton twill. Of course I got it from JoAnn (I just can't stay away from her) Now I just haf'ta find the perfect buttons, and buckle, of which I want to try and coordinate with the lining - which has to be tres chic.

As far as the lining is concerned, I'm trying to decide whether I want to pull from my stash or buy something new.

Here's what's in the stash:

a. linen-like print____________________b. cotton tablecloth from Target
a. b.

c. silky poly print____________________d. cotton print
c. d.

Yes, I like (love with a passion)
animal prints

I need you fashionistas to help me choose a lining.
Which one?
linen-like print
cotton tablecloth from Target
silky poly print
cotton print
PLEASE find something new!!!
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Leora Louise said...

C looks like something you would wear out on the town, fun combo

Dawn said...

I voted for the "linen-like print" b/c I like the print, but I wonder if you'd be more comfortable with something silky in a jacket lining. I do like the black and white too. I just like browns more. decisions, decisions...

I suppose you *could* use the brown for the body of the lining and the b&w silky for the sleeves. THAT would be interesting!

gold said...

I like c. That would look elegant.

toya said...

YAY, silky poly print, that will love fierce!