Monday, April 2

I Wish I Had a Red Trench...

I'm on a mission for a belted RED trench for the spring. I've got this pattern: McCall 5060, now allz I need is the fabric & notions.

Inspiration from Saks:
Mackage $585

Andrew Marc $595

Valentino Red$995

I'm in the process of finding the perfect fabric. I saw some nice gabardine (gab) fabric at Hancock's but they didn't have the right red. Can't find the right red online either, plus I'm not sure if it will be the right weight anyway.

There is some cotton/spandex sateen at Jo-eazy's (Jo-Ann) that will do, but I really think I want to keep looking for the gab until the Jo-eazy sale this weekend. We'll have to see what I come up with.

In other news, my kiddo is in love with this "Stripe Rumba Skort" from limitedtoo:

But it's like $35 - don't think so - and only because I know it wont fit her long lanky figure properly, I'd end up taking it in anyway. I think I can hook up a cuter but similar skirt for way less than half. I'm thinking of picking up some pink or white cotton for the skirt ~make it knee length~ w/ ribbons as the stripes on the flounce & cute heart shaped buttons trimming the yoke... Can't wait for the sale this weekend :)

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