Sunday, August 26


Yit-deee-dee! Cidell nominated me as a

I love the idea of being a Rockin' Girl Blogger, but I'll call myself a Rockin' Blogger Girl so I can use the RBG initials. I have been calling myself a Right Brain Girl for a while now, so now I have another acronym.

I'm all happy cause I figured only a few peeps payed any attention to me. I'll tag a few bloggin' babes.

Gold!!! warm and fuzzy

Robin!!! warm & fuzzy and from MD

bits and bobbins!!! she's already famous, but this is a must read for me

flytie!!! hot-haute-hawt indie designer


gold said...

Thank you girl!!

artist1lisa said...

Congradulations !!! I agree with Cidell. You Rock!

flytie said...

*blush* you are just the absolute best. :-)

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks yall!!!