Sunday, October 14

Meet Betsey Brown

Had a goooooood weekend. It was fun, relaxing & productive.

Friday night I made a duct tape double, with the help of little sis. The taping experience was not bad. I did the bottom half and my front by myself and while sis taped up my back & shoulders, I had a cheeseburger, french fries and sipped on water.

We ran out of tape, which may have caused the measurements to be a little off. But overall she represents me.

"Betsey Brown"
named after my english senior thesis from high school

She's made of black duct tape & stuffed with crumpled newspaper & plastic grocery bags stuffed with newspaper. She sits on a stand made from an old wooden curtain rod & metal pipe fittings screwed into some scrap wood.

She swivels!

Her measurements match mine except for the high bust measurement which is too large by half an inch and the hip measurement which is an inch too small. I'll get around to padding her butt. Batting is on sale at Joann's this week :) She's also a couple of inches taller than I am but that's cool, less bending for me :)

Saturday hubby did the grocery shopping (gasp & swoon!) and took me to see "Why Did I Get Married?" I thought he was trying to tell me something but it was a great movie. The script was awesome & hilarious except for one or two irrelevant but funny scenes. I'm gonna see it again with Mom next weekend.

Kiddo spent the night at her Grandmother's so I spent Sunday in my headphones with Alana Davis on repeat and sewed up a pair of Vogue 8427 for little sis.

This time I was more sensible about using my serger and took some hints from Just Pockets so I HAVE NO GAPING POCKETS!!!

(tips I used were interfacing the pants fronts at the edge where you join the pocket lining and top-stitching the pockets before I sew that pants side seams)

I actually made view B for her with the pleats and the cuffs. I did not care too much for the suspenders so I made the belt loops. I'm gonna make her one more pair and then one more pair for me w/o the pleated front. Pleated pants are not good for my thighs.

This time on the belt loops instead of tacking them down and looking all dorky like the instructions tell you too, I sewed a little triangle. it looks so much better to me.
(you might need to click the pic above to see it better)

We wear the same size except in length so I cant get a good pic until she tries them on. The cuffs turned out extra phat, but that's cool in case I need to let out some more length. (they are already a 35inch inseam!)

*sigh* time to get back to the regularly schedule weekly program.....


Adrienne said...

I saw that movie this weekend too and it was very good! Your pants look good!

Mimi said...

You should check out my videoon how to make a perfect dress form :)

you can see a preview of it here :)

Mimi said...

you have to copy and paste or go to my blog:

flytie said...

great job on those pants! and maaaan..your duct tape dress form turned out really good. much better than the one i did in '04.

*has flashbacks to being taped up so tight i could hardly breathe* :-/

you got me wanting to give it another try, though.

Just Sew In . . . said...

Sewl Sista #1, Can you give us your "pattern review" (here) for your "Betsey Brown" dress form? You seem really pleased with yours. Plus, I would really prefer to do it by myself. Any instructions, dos, and don'ts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. Great pants...I love the Betsey Brown Belt Loop! (LOL, well, you COULD call it that)