Tuesday, March 25

*exhale* Spring/Summer sewing

The new warm weather patterns have me all excited again...
Dear winter chill, please go away already! Love, narcissaqtpie

The new Simplicity's are out and this was the only appealing one. The rest are just plain out. Even though I have many similar patterns I'll get this one at the next sale because the envelope inspires me to go for a clean, cool & simple look this season.

The new Vogues on the other hand are OUTSTANDING.

First, the bad.

Now I initially thought Vogue was kidding us with that butt dress,
but now they've made a pooch dress....
OK, it's not funny any more, please stop.

V1052 Looks hideous on the model but
the neo-Denise Huxtable in me loves it!

Now for the good stuff!

V1043 Cool, airy and simple summer frock - with shape.
I'm almost over sack dresses.
I can do this in affordable-luxe linen or silk/blend
or a cool cotton print and wear it for summers to come.

I have other Alice + Olivia patterns but this one is making want to try their advanced techniques. I have the resources, no excuse right?
I love non-cookie cutter pants, in black of course.
Another summery dress. Perfect for festivals. if I'm still here.

OK I am an official Marci fan.
She's channeling my inner Cosby kid wannabe/Berkeley
memories with her artsy designs.
She gets a cool pass from now on.

I can totally see myself in a powersuit now because of this sexy pattern.

Cute summer work wardrobe. I am feeling solids right now.


Stephanie said...

Pooch dress!!! HAHAHA! I've been uninspired by a lot of the new patterns coming out of the Big 4 this season.

I hope your preparations for your move are going well.

Adrienne said...

Girl that pooch dress...a MESS! LOL

toy said...

I love that simplicity pattern, I haven't really got into the new vogue as yet, maybe someone will sew something up and get me excited.

Berry said...

I can't wait to see your neo Denise Huxtable style ;o)

gold said...

Yes some of them patterns you have to say WHY!!!!
I am loving that V1053 pattern!!
Can't wait for you to get started on your next project!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love the commentary on the patterns..."pooch dress" is a P-E-R-F-E-C-T description!!!!

Cennetta said...

Nice picks. Can't wait to see your versions.