Wednesday, April 2

I almost broke up with me

I forgot my blog anniversary!!!

What a loser right?? LMAO, I'll make it up to myself by getting back into my sewing area and working on my obsession project. Hubby's in school tonight, so I'll put kiddo to bed early, and get busy. Generic muslin, Sharpie, Singer, Gingher & Dritz tonight it's all about us baby and Kodak you get to watch.

Another good anniversary treat was earning an
from Myraida
who happens to have to sewing space (& sewing skills) of my dreams

*my acceptance speech*

"I accept this award with great honor. As the sewing divas before me have said there is NO WAY to have a favorite as there are SEW MANY AWESOME sewing/fashion/crafty blogs out there.

I will pass my award to 10 more inspirational super seamstresses...
in no particular order)
  1. Krustallos
  2. Toya
  3. Isabelle
  4. Flytie
  5. Melody
  6. Elaray
  7. Jenny
  8. Stephanie
  9. Berry
  10. Riange
Pardon me if you receive this award again because you obviously deserve it!!!"


Stephanie said...

Happy blogiversary!!! Thanks for the're too sweet!

toya said...

wow,, thanks,, I was wondering what you were up to, I haven't seen a post in a little while

Berry said...

Happy blogiversary!!! I hope we'll celebrate many more!

A big thanks for the nomination... I'm blushing ;o)

Jenny said...

Wow, thanks for the nomination! I always wonder if anyone else enjoys my lame little blog like I do. Thanks for the shout out!

And happy blogiversary!

flytie said...

you are just the "bomb"! ha ha! i love coming to your blog.

thanks for the shout out! :-D

Don said...

Happy Blog Anniversay.

Faye Lewis said...

Happy blogiversary!

gold said...

Happy Blogiversary!!