Friday, October 14

This is my last post*

...about these pants.

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I have posted about this pattern 5 times already, so I know by now you're like...

"Look [expletive of your choice], we dont wanna see anymore granny pants."

So imma stop  talking about them after this.

 In other news, I finally found a hat that fits over my hair!!
At Walmart. It's an XL. It's from the men's dept. Don't judge.
(Target has some CUTE ones too)

I'm still going to make as many pairs as I can. If you could get away with wearing pajama-like pants to work, then turn around and wear them to the park on the weekend you'd be hooked too. Pair them with a structured blazer and you can buck.the.system!

Doing the Milli Vanilli!!
(& sister of mine don't you dare say I look like Lil Wayne. I will bodyslam you.)


Aminat said... cute....

Shawnta said...

Of course my heart stopped a tiny bit when I read the title! I had to run out and get that pattern around the 2nd time you talked about it, but alas I have yet to make the wonderful granny pants!

Beth H said...

You look great and nothing like a granny! LOL!

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

Like Shawnta my heart skipped a beat when I saw the title. Those pants are looking good. That hat rocks!


I love those pants! Your hat is bangin too! Kiah

Pammymela said...

Hi, I don't usually comment - ever - sorry. But since this is your last post about this pattern (which I have bought because of your posts) I was wondering if the fabric needed to be stretch? What do you think?