Monday, March 26

Spring/Summer "trends" I like

I've been loving the lace dresses I've been seeing in the editorials and in the online shops. This backless style is very sexy, but not over the top!
Cropped blazers.... I wasn't sold at first. But with a baggy pant, they look super cute! I need to try one on to make sure it suits my figure.
You know I love printed pants, having made a couple of pairs last year.
This year they are looking great in all shapes from wide leg to slim. I definitely want to make a silk or cotton pair for the upcoming summer. Those polyester pairs I've done have my knees sweating!

I've always loved angled and rounded hemlines so all of the asymmetrical hems I've been seeing are right up my alley.
look 1, look 2, look 3
What's on your radar?


MAD14kt said...

I differently have my eyes on all the asymmetrical :)

Leslie V said...

love the mccalls 6567. The longer asymmetrical would look more becoming on me.