Saturday, July 14

Fashion Show Preview!

I Got Sewl - Summer 2007 Collection

My professional seamstress aunt is hosting a fashion show for her yearly Garden Party in August and invited me to make a few pieces. I don't even have to tell you how psyched I am about this. The theme is "Red, Black & White." I have two models who wear the same size as me, which kinda sucks because I plan on giving them the dresses but now I don't want too!!

Here are my first two pieces:

Simplicity 3882

Size: 14

Pattern Critique: Easy as pie. I studied the previous reviews from PR and new what to expect.

Fabric: Red and black cotton/poly interlock knit

Modifications: I lined the bodice & added an inch to the bodice as recommended by previous sewers. That was good advice except it made the sides of the bodice too baggy. So I decided to add a belt to cinch it in some. That made the dress even cuter! I also decided to drawstring the hem after swooning over this dress by Assorted Notions. The hotness right??

Results: Cute dress! Gives me an excuse to go shopping for some super-hot strappy sandals.

Simplicity 3799
Size: M

Pattern Critique: super easy. I made a muslin to test the fit. I used the directions for the muslin but for this dress I didnt need them at all.

Fabric: poly silky for the body and cotton/spandex sateen (leftovers from the sailor pants) for the bands

Modifications: Shortened the dress by a few inches and added a couple of inches to the bottom width, I also added a band to the bottom a la the Diane Von Furstenburg dress I love.

Results: Doable! I will be making another one of these in B&W I think I will cinch in the bottom band a bit more to make it more bubbly.

Complete reviews will be added to PR later on. Here's the Flickr Set I started for this project... Stay tuned!


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Both dresses are really cute but I love the second one! It will be amazing in black & white. Do you have the fabric for it already? Can't wait to see your next versions!

Ariane said...

I really like that first dress! That garden party sounds awsome and a fashion show to go along, how fun!?!?

Elaray said...

The Garden Party Fashion Show sounds like lots of fun! Your selections are really cute. Have you thought of modeling them yourself?

Jada said...

Love both dresses!!!Glad to see you back sewing!!

renee said...

I know someone who lives near you who *might* like to see that show. I'm just sayin'.... Great dresses!

Christina said...

Showing your work in a fashion show - what a cool thing to add to your resume.

dawn said...

Both are gorgeous...I don't blame you for wanting to hold onto them!

KimT said...

love both pieces!