Friday, June 8

Review: Burda 7913

2nd in the knit dress series

Burda 7913


Pattern Critique: easy. took me about 2 hours of pattern and fabric cutting and sewing. no instructions, followed pattern illustrations.

Fabric: freebie fabric - thick black mystery knit - doesn't feel like jersey or interlock. maybe it's double knit? I didn't even need to used a stretch or zigzag stitch.

FabricMart sent this to me in a mix up on one of my orders, but told me to keep it. They have pretty good customer service by the way.

Modifications: Didn't have enough fabric for the tie belt, but I think I'd rather use a funky belt since the fabric is plain old black. I also didn't face the armholes because my fabric is pretty stable. I just turned them under.

Results: While working on this dress I realized why I keep picking the easiest of patterns. instant gratification.


dawn said...

Can't blame you there...I'm all for instant gratification! Life's short after all!

What a wearable piece you've made. You can really get different looks with belts and sashes. It looks really nice around the neckline especially.

Erica B. said...

Very cute... so much you can do with this piece.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Ooohhh ~ that is a very cute and versatile dress!

narcissaqtpie said...


gold said...

I like it.It looks great on you.I love super simple patterns too.