Thursday, April 10

inspired by lucky

I fell for a top in the latest Lucky (May08). Check out "A Month of Outfits" online or starting on page 228 in the mag. It's the Nicole Farhi trapeze top. I absolutely LOVE the way they styled it!

At first I thought what pattern can duplicate this look? I immediately thought of McCall's 5636, but shockingly (!) I don't have it and don't really want to purchase it shockingly (!). As I studied the pic more I saw that it's just a sleeveless button down blouse w/ drawstring shoulders. Easy to duplicate by revamping an oversized men's button down.

Lucky (get it?) for me hubby is the wear 'em and chuck 'em type so I regularly rescue his throwaways for semi annual donation. I found a suitable brown heather shirt got busy.

It went from this

to this

then this

and finally

kinda kewl

skinny belted - it's just OK.
I like the way lucky did it.
unbelted - don't like it this way too much.
Maybe unlayered and over a pencil skirt it could work?
later peeps!


toy said...

wow,, I would have never think about converting a shirt like,,, no words,, girl, no words

christina said...

Great transformation! I agree, it looks better with a belt. Hmmm... I may have to copy this.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

flytie said...

ooooh...nice. i love revamping button down shirts as well.

yeah, it would look nice with a pencil skirt. big uptop...slender on bottom. i think that's a good look

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

kewl wardrobe refashioning! I like it belted with the thicker belt best...but kudos on a job well executed!

gold said...

You go girl!!!Taking what you have and making it into something fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

totally cool! What a neat and quick re-fashioning idea? Plus it looks fab. Way to go.


Faye Lewis said...


Meg said...

I'm always looking for cool color combinations. Love yours!

Anonymous said...

OMG love it. I was looking at that issue and that shirt too and now you have done it. I will have to get a big shirt to try that and then ask you how you did it...hee hee. Great job