Tuesday, April 15

It's Spring Again!

Or so I thought...

Our trees started blooming late last week!

& I got my bike swag on Saturday. Then it was cold again on Sunday. This weather needs to change pronto because I must get rid of my winter (puff & blues) ya know!?! I'm ready for the open road!

I look so dorky huh? We (hubs & I) had fun though.

I finished my Anna Sui blouse. Vogue 2912
The back is pulling some around the bust.
I removed the back darts but it didn't help. I guess I can no longer avoid learning the FBA now.

I love the bow tie!

I was gonna get nice fabric, but I just used some Walmart $1 poly. I need to burn through this stash as much as possible before we move. The job hunt is moving along I've had a couple of "interviews" but nothing solid yet.


cidell said...

Tell me about it. We're supposed to bike in a few weeks and it's freezing. FREEZING. But, it's supposed to be hot this weekend, right?? Good luck on your 'interviews'!

gold said...

The top is cute!!I love Walmart fabric specials!!
Good luck on job interviews.

Beth H said...

Pretty blouse! I want you to know that you've "enabled" me into a 2year subscription to Lucky. I'm anxiously awaiting my first issue.

Jackie said...

Cute top! I like checking the fabric section at this one particular Walmart in my area. They seem to always have something to choose from whether it's on special or regular price.

SewPurple said...

Keep me posted on your move to Dallas, I'll follow along through your blog! Again, I'd be happy to 'acquaint' you with our fabric shopping areas!

SewPurple said...
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Pirouette said...

Like I always say: don't sleep on Wal-Mart! I hope you get some good interviews/job offers. Best wishes to you in your move!

flytie said...

yes. me and the $1-$2 fabric tables at wal-mart are good friends.

our weather here is odd like that...nearly 90 degrees one day, then 40 somthing the next. but i think you look well protected on the bike, not dorky at all, ha ha!

Cennetta said...

It's finally warming up in my town. I "over"stand your desire for warmer weather. Your top is cute and I love, love Walmart fabrics department. You can find some great deals there. Blessing for a new job.