Wednesday, September 29


I keep telling myself I need to make more solids for my wardrobe, but my heart FLUTTERS when I see a bright, beautiful print.

My favorite prints definitely fall into the "ethnic" category - animal prints (except cow), batiks, West African traditional prints, Middle Eastern geometric prints - but I try not to go overboard with it so I won't look too costumey.

Designers jump on and off the ethnic print bandwagon, and now they are on "Africa". I'm mixed on this, most of it I respect, then some of it I feel is overdone/bandwaggony.


ok, Nice!!!

My latest dress Vogue 8631, is made in a batik'y, mudcloth-y, leopard-y kinda print and I was all over this fabric when I saw it. (Yes, fabric from Joann's)

Click pic to enlarge
I like bold graphic prints too! Over the weekend I was stuck inside with a feverish baby, so while he slept I pulled out a gorgeous print and made Butterick 5496. This was a piece "marinating" in my stash for almost a year, and I was glad to rediscover it for the Butterick pattern. (Yes, fabric from Joann's)
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Sneaky peeky at what's next up to be finished/worn... (Yes, fabric from Joann's, lol)
Yes, he's chewing on a belt. & don't judge, it made him happy.



You go girl! Love the print on the dress and your funky tights too!!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Is that fabric from JoAnns?

Cennetta said...

Do show and tell us more. It's great to see you blogging again. The family vacation photos are priceless and the cute dresses look comfortable and stylish.

toy said...

I love that you are blogging more, great dress, Keep them coming

MAD14kt said...

Happy to see you back! L*VELY dress!

fly tie said...

awwww...look at baby! :-D

lately i've been wearing more "ethnic" prints. (wearing such fabric as i type matter of fact.)