Sunday, June 24

Sergers & stuff

I haven't been doing much any work on my blouses since Tuesday night. I've lost interest for the moment, so they're sitting in the UFO pile. I had a lot of distractions this week.

I saw baby sis off to SF, so I was a bit emotional this week, but all is well. She moved in w/ dad and starts work Monday! A nice distraction from missing her was some late-late spring cleaning and a new obsession with this baby right-chere:

Viking Huskylock 905

What a beaut eh! I started looking into it on recommendation for a beginner's serger from the Viking dealer at Joann's. I think it's about $500-$600-I wasn't in the mood to hear the actual price at the time.

I have spent the better part of this weekend Googling every site and PRing every thread I can about this machine. I had been previously curious about the White Speedylock, the Singer CG-754 (since I use the CG-550 sewing machine) OR the Brother 1034D (since so many at PR have given it kuddos) but I think I need to go for something a with bit more longevity and serviceability. I can't buy new machines every few years.

I spoke to my seamstress aunt and she says that Viking is the way to go & stay away from the White & Singer sergers. So as of today, I started saving my rainy day coins and am hoping for a side hustle idea & some graduation gifts to come through soon because I am going to dream about that serger until I get my paws on it.

I did a mini project this weekend, a t-shirt revamp. I dug out my unruly tee stash, highly motivated by one of my fave books and wanting to get rid of more stuff. For those who have the book, I made a version of the Elizabeth tee:

& for those who don't have the book - get it! you wont regret. It took me 15 minutes because I didn't take in the sides, I left it loose instead & put ties on the sides to tighten up the bottom. Here's what's in the book: (sorry for the dark pics, they're prolly not much help, but they are 1024x768 when you click em)

Something else that gave me a bit of joy this week. Kiddo has expressed a serious interest in sewing!

This past winter I bought her a $12 mini sewing machine from Walmart and she practiced on it until it died a month later. She made me a cell phone pouch and was really proud of it. She was upset when the mini stitcher crashed (i figured it would) so I told her I would show her how to use a real machine, which would be more fun for her. I was right.

Here she is on my first baby, Brother XL-3010, just practicing control of the foot pedal and fabric (no needle & thread yet)

I had to force (brute force) her off to bed 'cause she was having so much fun! Next we'll work with stitches since she's got the hang of the pedal.

We already went to the fabric store for her first project & she chose KS3410 and a camo print interlock knit. I really tried to talk her into getting a pillow, but she's a mini fashionista, hence the camo print and the fancy pattern. I'm interested in how this is going to turn out... or how long she will actually remain interested since she is my child and all...hee hee

She also has been apparently snooping around in MY stash and found that Burda dress I recently made. She tried to wear it out thinking it was hers because it's "Hot," so I guess I'll be resizing it down for her since I can't wear it. I'll make sure to post it after I finish it.

Next, I read the most awesome fabric stash tip on PR by Nancywin!

This seemed like the most reasonable & manageable way for me to start keeping track of my fabric. Than my previous idea. The card protector package comes with 10 sheets/9 pockets per page. If I ever need more pages than this, it means I have too much fabric. I'm kind of excited to get started, but it's going to take some patience. I'm not in the mood to be patient right now.

My Access database of patterns is also complete. I will share it via email if anyone is interested in using it as a template, email me: (edited to remove email address for now)



renee said...

I have a t-shirt book too. I bought it because I never wear tees, I don't think they are really flattering on anyone. But, I've only done one revamp. I need to have another look at it.

That's awesome you're teaching your daughter!

patsijean said...

I am not sure the T-shirt book ( which states that its fashions are for ages 10-25) is for me at age 62, but I shall look into it.

It's great that your daughter is enthusiastic about learning to sew. You are correct that she chose a bit of a challenge for her first pattern, but the skirt looks cute and the top also, with straps added, I hope, for more security. Plus, I think those tops look better with straps, more finished. There are many more age appropricat fashion patterns available than when I was learning. With you to teach her, she is going to love learning to sew.

I have a 8 year old Viking serger and I love it. My first was a Kenmore and it worked OK, but it did not do as nice a rolled hem.

patsijean said...

I tried to e-mail you, but I keep getting an error message asking me to check the address. I'll try again later.

narcissaqtpie said...

I love doing refashions it's fun for me, even if I don't end up wearing the tees.

@ patsijean I am going to give kiddo lots of practice before I let her make the pattern. (She knows she wont be wearing it out of the house either) I will email you the db.

Jada said...

I am going to have to look into getting that t-shirt book.

OMG like mother like daughter!!She is ready to go sew!!

Just Sew In . . . said...

I just wanted to point you to this article...don't know if you heard already.....

Joanna said...

I have an Elna serger (Pro 5) that is 17 years old and I have worked it nearly to death. Just had it's annual checkup and sounding better than ever. It sounds like you are doing a lot of research, be sure to try out some machines as well. Have fun!

Unknown said...

oooooh...tshirt revamps take me back! one of the first and only things i could ever do, ha! i think i'm gonna revisit it for summer...

i just love that she has your first machine. :-) i was recently thinking how i'd like to pass my first one on to my (non-existent) child. too bad it's been in the trunk of my car since september needing fixing.

and she'd already on knits?? go 'head kiddo!

Unknown said...

ok, and i'm just realizing those is an old post, lol! i knew something seemed off!

Kristy said...


I know this is a really old post but I am wondering if it is still possible to get a copy of the Access database for storing patterns?